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Electrostatic Decontamination

Improved Contact With Less Run-Off The need to develop a system of decontamination for chemical protective ensembles and equipment surfaces that insures ample surface contact while, at the same time, minimizing run-off, has always been desired. Usher in electrostatic...

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Welcoming Ms. Athena Kavis

Response Technologies Corporation welcomes Ms. Athena Kavis to the team as Marketing Specialist. Ms. Kavis possesses and extensive history in business brand development and social media marketing. Athena's previous experience involves starting an online swimsuit...

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Rapid Product Hazard Analysis Pt 1: The Concept

It is important to remember that developing a complete risk assessment at the hazardous materials emergency involves 1) product hazards analysis, 2) container analysis and damage assessment, 3) evaluation of the environment surrounding the incident, and lastly 4) the...

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Training in Missouri

Response Technologies spent early November delivering the training program "Rapid I.D. and Risk Assessment of Hazardous Materials" in the state of Missouri. This is the fifth year Response Technologies has served the Missouri's State Fire Marshal's Office in their...

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Introducing HAZMAT Con-ED

The CON-ED system starts with a multi-phased training needs analysis that compares the needs of Hazardous Materials Technicians and their organization against the national standard of care. This standard of care includes OSHA requirements, the National Fire Protection...

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Response Technologies Partners with Three Rivers College

In Response Technologies' continuing effort to serve the Missouri State Fire Marshal's statewide training endeavors, we have partnered with Three Rivers College in Poplar Bluff, MO. The cooperative arrangement with Three Rivers provides for greater state presence and...

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Safety Officer – Not Just a Position

NEW PROGRAM - "ASSISTANT SAFETY OFFICER: HAZARDOUS MATERIALS" Responding to a hazmat incident requires specialized training. However, serving as a safety officer at a hazmat incident requires a specialized knowledge base. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(3)(vii) - states that...

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