Company History

Douglas Wolfe, the founder of Response Technologies Corporation, began instructing Hazardous Materials in 1987 with the development of Hazardous Materials Tactical Methods for the Sarasota County Technical Institute Fire Academy. Tactical Methods was a psychomotor class designed to augment the Hazardous Materials I and II curriculum used by the Florida State Fire College. This enabled the development of hazardous materials technicians in accordance with then recently established training requirements published by OSHA and the EPA.

In the early to mid 1990’s Mr. Wolfe participated with a development team to update the Florida technician training program. The new curriculum included the National Fire Academy’s Hazardous Materials Operating Site Practices, Chemistry and Tactical Methods. During the same time frame, we became involved with the development and delivery of private industry programs with South Technical Educational Center in Palm Beach County, Florida.

In 1994, Response Technologies began to focus efforts on larger national level program development programs. In 1996, Mr. Wolfe participated in the development of the National Fire Academy’s (NFA) Advanced Life Support Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents. His involvement with the NFA quickly led to invitations for additional development projects and for his participation on the Florida SERC Training Task Force where he subsequently served for 16 years.

Douglas Wolfe and Steve Coffin are the principle owners of Response Technologies. Together they have been involved in numerous program developments at the local, state and national level. They both instruct Hazardous Materials Technician and related hands-on training programs nationally. They will be bringing with them a cadre of national level subject matter experts (SMEs) to assist in the successful completion of projects.

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