Major Project History

Douglas Wolfe and Steve Coffin are the principle owners of Response Technologies. Together they have been involved in numerous program developments at the local, state and national level. They both instruct Hazardous Materials Technician and related hands-on training programs nationally. They will be bringing with them a cadre of national level subject matter experts (SMEs) to assist in the successful completion of projects.

Major Development Projects

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State Emergency Response Team

Participated in the original development of the Florida SERC “Public Sector Hazardous Materials Training Guidelines” in 1996. Response Technologies was also the contractor chosen for the revision of those guidelines in 2009 in order to incorporate the operations level competency revisions of NFPA 472 —2007 edition.


In 1999 and 2000, Response Technologies was contracted by NASA through SRS Technologies to develop a series of training programs related to hazardous materials/WMD emergency response and control at 17 NASA facilities worldwide.

FBI National Academy

n 2000, co-authored FBI National Academy’s “Chemistry of Hazardous Materials” under contract with Community Research Associates. Program implemented for the Federal Bureau of Investigation Hazardous Materials Response Unit and Field Hazardous Materials Technicians.

Homeland Security InterAgency Board

From 1998 to present, Douglas Wolfe serves on the Department of Homeland Security InterAgency Board ( Currently, he chairs the Equipment Subgroup (ESG) that develops guidance for the selection, use and maintenance of over 800 equipment items identified by the ESG as essential to emergency response including hazardous materials PPE and response equipment.


During 2008–2011 Response Technologies focused on the development of training programs for various aspects of hazardous materials response. This resulted in the release of the HAZMAT CON-ED™ training series that utilizes both on-line and traditional hands-on training and is being delivered both in Florida and nationally.

Carson City Nevada

In 2014, designed and implemented a multi-agency hazmat exercise in which Carson City, Reno, Quad County Hazmat Team and the Reno, Truckee Meadows, and Sparks Triad Hazmat Team conducted mitigation efforts involving multiple incidents in a multi-story building. The full scale exercise followed HSEEP guidelines.

State Emergency Response Commission

Designed and developed the original “Florida Operations Level Hazardous Materials Training” program for use in Florida in 1996. Selected as the contractor to revise that training program in 2009 to incorporate the mission specific training competencies outlined in the 2007 edition of NFPA 472.

National Fire Academy

Selected to participate in the development of the National Fire Academy’s “Advanced Life Support Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents” in 1996. This program remains a gold standard for the development of the abilities necessary to perform a risk assessment for the medical impacts associated with hazardous materials.

Local Emergency Planning Committee

Contracted by the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council (LEPC District 3) in 2002 to develop the “Hazardous Materials Technician Competency Assessment”. This document formed the baseline for the development of the “Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher Competency Assessment Check-Off” by the Florida State Fire Marshal. Therefore, Response Technologies possesses a unique understanding of the source and structure of the competencies to be assessed.

Florida State Fire Marshall

Selected in 2006 by the Florida State Fire Marshal to provide training on a statewide basis for air monitoring risk assessment. Training was provided at 7 locations throughout the state and addressed the technical issues related to risk assessment using air monitoring and analysis equipment.

National Fire Academy

The U.S. Fire Administration requested the subject matter experience of Douglas Wolfe in the fall of 2011 to participate in a National Hazardous Materials Training Needs Analysis. The project involved the review of data collected from IAFC, USDOT and NFPA and provided professional recommendations for the future direction of hazardous materials emergency response training on a national basis.

Missouri State Fire Marshall

During 2012 – 2014 Response Technologies has been under contract with the Missouri Department of Public Safety – State Fire Marshal’s Office to provide hazardous materials related training programs throughout the State of Missouri.

State Emergency Response Team

State Emergency Response Team

Designed and developed the “Florida Awareness Level Hazardous Materials Training” program for release to all Florida public safety agencies in 1996. Project included instructional materials and full video production.

Florida State Fire Marshall

In 2009 Response Technologies was contracted by the Florida State Fire Marshal to conduct Operational Readiness Evaluations for 28 funded hazardous materials teams in Florida. As part of the project, Response Technologies developed the OReval™ Operational Readiness Evaluation and asset tracking database for use during the assessment of field response resources.

National Fire Academy

Selected to develop a revision to the National Fire Academy’s gold standard program “Chemistry of Hazardous Materials” in 2004. Revised the training program to include new instructional materials and methodologies. Developed a pre-course/review computer based training program that is currently distributed to all NFA Chemistry and Advanced Life Support students.

UASI Group

During 2012 Response Technologies was contracted by the Orlando Area UASI Group to develop Hazardous Materials Technician Capabilities Assessment program. The purpose of the assessment was to aid in the identification of specific areas of training needs for their region. The outcome met and exceeded the region’s expectations and is adaptable to any jurisdiction or mission.

State Emergency Response Commission

Co-authored the original Hazardous Materials Team Assessment Methodology for the Florida Division of Emergency Management. Used as a model, the OSHA code enforcement methodology of desktop and walk-through review. Selected as the contractor to conduct statewide readiness evaluations in 1999, 2006 and 2009.

Florida Hazardous Materials Symposium

Designed and managed the 2015 Florida Hazardous Materials Symposium – Hazardous Materials Team Competition. This symposium and competition was conducted in conjunction with the Florida Fire Chief’s Association annual Fire Rescue East conference and trade show in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Additional Customers

Department of Homeland Security

Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Advanced Technical Education & Consulting

National Terrorism Preparedness Institute

National Disaster Medical Serrvice

Interactive Media Lab

Boward Sheriff - Fire Rescue Division

Indian River County Fire Rescue

Florida Association of Hazardous Materials Responders

Florida District 7 LEPC

Florida District 10 LEPC

Missouri State Fire Marshal

National Institutes of Health

National Fire Academy

Marion County Fire Rescue

City of Ocala Fire Department

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

City of St Louis Fire Dept.

Suncoast Technical College

Three Rivers College

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