Instructor Opportunities

Response Technologies Corporation is always seeking talented instructors of the highest quality. Listed below are the minimum requirements for entry-level instructors. We encourage interested persons to submit a letter of introduction, resume and application package that summarizes their qualifications as outlined below.
Minimum Qualifications Response Technologies has identified four areas of evaluation for potential instructors.
All instructors utilized by Response Technologies Corporation shall meet the following minimum qualifications within their area of expertise.
Educational Background


All instructors shall hold a bachelors degree in education or in a related field of expertise. Exceptions to a 4-year degree can be granted on a case-by-case basis depending upon their level of subject matter expertise or based upon their experience at the SME level on a year-for-year basis.


Where applicable, instructors shall be certified in the area of expertise that they will be utilized for instruction in accordance with any applicable standard or regulation.

Work Experience


A minimum of 5 years direct job related experience in the field to be instructed.


Maintains appropriate continuing education to maintain proficiency and certification as applicable to the field of instruction. (20 hrs/yr minimum).


Written essay detailing 4 major incidents or projects in which the instructor candidate was directly involved that demonstrates understanding of the topic matter to be instructed. The essays shall be of a length necessary to: a) describe the event/project and its essential characteristics, b) the role within the project or event assumed by the candidate, c) actions taken or work completed by the candidate to resolve the incident or complete the project.

Instructional Experience
Minimum of 3 years of experience of actual classroom or field instruction. This instruction should be conducted with an established teaching institution (technical school, community college or university or educational firm). In-house, in-service or on-the-job facilitation is not sufficient for evaluation.
Instructional Technique

Demonstration of Technique

Provide Response Technologies Corporation with a video tape demonstrating the instructional technique of the candidate in an actual learning environment. The tape shall be no less than 20 minutes in duration in a topic area related to the field in which the applicant desires to instruct. The tape need not be of professional quality provided the instructor can be seen, heard and understood. Videotape requirement may be waived in cases where the applicant has been recommended by existing RTC instructors.

The instructor candidate shall take the Response Technologies course that they desire to instruct. (Waived if the candidate is an SME in the development of the program). The instructor shall then be precepted as an instructor in one delivery under the direct evaluation of a lead instructor.
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All letters of interest should be sent to

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