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Rapid I.D. & Risk Assessment Class

Upon completion of this inservice, given both identified and un-identified hazardous materials, the participant will be able to rapidly identify the fire, reactivity, health and radioactivity risks associated with the substance. Read More…

HAZ026 Course PDF

Hazardous Materials Toxicity (24 hours)

Upon completion of this program, the ALS responder, shall demonstrate through activities, the ability to deliver Advanced Life Support Care to victims at the hazardous materials or WMD emergency and identify the proper medical support of responders operating during the incident and having functioned in hazardous environment.

HAZ018 Course PDF

Hazardous Material Safety Officer (Traditional or online)

Upon completion of this program, the Hazardous Materials Technician shall be able to support the Incident Safety Officer by performing the functions of an Assistant Safety Officer: Hazardous Materials  Read More…

HAZ039 Course PDF

HazMat Capabilities Evaluation (CapEval™)

Upon completion of this evaluation, the hazardous materials technician will be provided a diagnostic evaluation of the ability to perform specific skills associated with hazardous materials emergency response. This information can then be utilized to identify individual and organizational training needs.

HAZ038 Course PDF

Detection & Rapid Hazard Analysis of HazMats

This program is designed to provide the participants with an understanding of the basic principles and proper use of specific air monitoring/detection instruments during hazardous materials emergency response to transportation and fixed facility incidents. Read More…

HAZ032 Course PDF

National Fire Academy Hazardous Materials Programs

Response Technologies can support your efforts to bring any of the National Fire Academy HazMat training programs to your organization or region. Programs include:

  • Chemistry for Emergency Response
  • Advanced Life Support Response to HazMat/WMD Incidents
  • Advanced Science of Hazardous Materials
  • Management and Safety in Hazardous Materials/WMD Response
  • Special Operations Program Management
  • Hazardous Materials Incident Management
  • Hazardous Materials Code Enforcement

Incident Management for Hazardous Materials

Upon completion of this program, the emergency services field commander shall understand the unique aspects of the emergency involving hazardous materials. Read More…

HAZ047 Course PDF

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Response Technologies Corporation develops and delivers a wide range of traditional classes, online courses and blended programs (online followed by traditional in-services).

Response Technologies specializes in the Instructional System Design and ADDIE Instructional Design processes. We pride ourselves on the development of training programs and in-services necessary to meet your specific organizational needs. If the topic of training is not addressed by our course list, please contact our offices. We may be able to put you in contact with an organization that can meet your immediate needs, or develop a program tailored for your organization

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